At the age of seven, I was already absolutely mad about my grandfather's "Zorky 4" Soviet camera. I studied every single button and jack but could not take any pictures as there was no film inside! A true childish disappointment. In my twenties I bought my first mirror Nikon and was so excited about shooting empty streets and boring parks that it took me a while to realise that this is not the way to express yourself. Finally, at the age of 37 I met Kostya Gribov, a well known Moscow photographer and a guy who actually taught me proper photography skills. Never late to start learning new tricks, especially those that will bring pure joy to your lawyer's everyday life routine.


I love street and travel photography, but in the last three years I also became a huge fan of conceptual studio work. Quite a few of my studio projects are made together with my wife Kristina. We love thoroughly planning our sessions and spend quite some time on building detailed concepts, carefully preparing each project’s features and environment. Our studio sets are not just "renting, arriving and shooting" - we always try to tell a specific story that allows us to expresses ourselves and makes audience interested. 


At the same time, we also like to improvise and find some new and unexpected ideas at the location. Actually, both spontaneous and well-prepared framing form my photographer's Yin and Yang. These elements give birth to very different but always strong and vivid emotions. This can be felt whenever you are looking through the results on your computer screen at home and discover that the exact image was planned in your head before you pushed the shutter button.




- 1st place in the International Photography Awards, Russia 2018 ("Event: Traditions and Cultures" category);

- Honourable Mentions in the annual International Photography Awards 2021 contest ("People-Portrait" and "People-Street Photography" categories);

- Honourable Mentions in the International Photography Awards OneShot annual contests: Street Photo 2019 ("Moments - perfect place and timing"), Movement 2020 ("Street Photography");

- winning the monthly RPS 365 competition by the Royal Photographic Society (February 2020, “Inspiration” theme);

- participation in the 5th Photobiennale of Modern Photography organised by the State Russian Museum (two works exhibited during Feb-March, 2019 in Marble Palace, St Petersburg, Russia);

- finalist of the “True Britain” photographic contest by National Geographic Russia (April 2020);

- official selection in 2020 and shortlisted in 2021 by London International Creative Competition.




ZIMA Magazine. Portfolio: London in Anton Panchenkov's lense (in Russian)

ZIMA Magazine. Portfolio: London Pubs with Anton Panchenkov (in Russian)

ZIMA Magazine. Places: Walking through the London markets with Anton Panchenkov (in Russian)

Edge Of Humanity online magazine: Cheers! God Save the British Pubs! (in English)

FC'Diary online magazine: Anton Panchenkov. Portfolio (in French and English)

Dodho online magazine: Pool's Closed by Anton Panchenkov (in English)

A proud member of the Royal Photographic Society

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