Born 1980 in Saratov, Russia. Currently based in Moscow.


I started taking terrible photos when I was sixteen but, even before that, at the age of seven, I was already absolutely mad about my grandfather's "Zorky 4" Soviet camera. I studied every single button and jack but could not take any pictures as there was no film inside! A true childish disappointment. I feel much more confident now in the world of digital photos and memory sticks, yet I still forget to insert these from time to time. 


I focus on street, travel, studio and conceptual portrait photography.


Love spending time with my family, exploring people's nature, travelling, learning architecture, studying history and poster art.




- 1st place in the International Photography Awards, Russia 2018 ("Event: Traditions and Cultures" category);

- Honourable Mentions in the annual International Photography Awards 2021 contest ("People-Portrait" and "People-Street Photography" categories);

- Honourable Mentions in the International Photography Awards OneShot annual contests: Street Photo 2019 ("Moments - perfect place and timing"), Movement 2020 ("Street Photography");

- winning the monthly RPS 365 competition by the Royal Photographic Society (February 2020, “Inspiration” theme);

- participation in the 5th Photobiennale of Modern Photography organised by the State Russian Museum (two works exhibited during Feb-March, 2019 in Marble Palace, St Petersburg, Russia);

- finalist of the “True Britain” photographic contest by National Geographic Russia (April 2020);

- official selection by London International Creative Competition.




ZIMA Magazine. Portfolio: London in Anton Panchenkov's lense (in Russian)

ZIMA Magazine. Portfolio: London Pubs with Anton Panchenkov (in Russian)

ZIMA Magazine. Places: Walking through London markets with Anton Panchenkov (in Russian)

A proud member of the Royal Photographic Society and Martin Parr Foundation.

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