This project is intended to be a photographic journey through the Istanbul streets, where the intersection of East and West is palpable in every corner. When I think about finding the right word to describe the impression I have gathered visiting this city for around 10 times, I would say “eclectic”. Not merely from an architectural or anthropological standpoint, but rather as an unstructured and unsortable kaleidoscope of scenes and views dancing in my mind. This city can evoke both adoration and frustration simultaneously, as it possesses an ability to be utterly transformative. Istanbul is one of the most vibrant places I know, where a story of cultural juxtaposition and coexistence of ancient traditions and trendy modernity is staged every day. “Perspektif” is my reflection as a street photographer on the rich tapestry of diversity capturing the mix of emotions that swirl within me when immersed in the bustling streets of İstiklâl or standing at the entrance of an ancient bazaar.