The Vengeance Trilogy is the series of three Korean films (Sympathy for Mr Vengeance, Oldboy and Lady Vengeance) directed by Park Chan-wook. 

When I first watched Oldboy it was a pure shock to me. Something fundamentally different from American style thrillers. A top cinematic quality, visual perfection, and depth of look into the darker side of human. I remember quite well putting Oldboy on rewind and playing it immediately again after the ending credits finished. This film still remains one of the most vivid investigations on the complexity of human nature. It perfectly highlights the consequences of thoughtless cruelty and shows us how the power of words can destroy a person’s life in much more ruthless way than any weapon.

Models: Alexander, Azim, Bagzhan, Dinara, Ravshan

MakeUp: Anastasia Kuratova @anastasia_kuratova

Hair: Irina Sergeichuk @irinasergeichuk

Retouch: Maria Chervonaya @mary.retouch