Have you ever noticed how many eyes are looking at you from the adverts and murals hanging in the streets of a big city? Every time you are waiting for the bus, sitting on a bench in a park, walking through the shopping street, or crossing a highway through a dark underground tunnel. The CCTV system is nothing compared to the legions of these watchers, keeping their eyes constantly wide open. And what if all these graffiti and poster characters are not just “dead” pictures fixed forever in their static expressions? What if they live in their own world? An alternative universe. And their spots on the wall are screens looking in from that alternative world. Their faces cling to the outer side of the screen, look at us silently, watch our life. Maybe they judge us, memorize, and then discuss everything they have seen during their term on the wall. Who knows? You just need to remember – everything you do, whether good or bad, you do it on record. These walls have eyes. And they are always watching.